Treat: "We all like what Treat has always stood for musically, so why would we change ?"

  • Spanish version.

  • Treat's bass player, Nalley Påhlsson, answers a few questions about their new album, music and future.

    First of all congratulations on your new album 'Coup de Grace'. We are curious about the title, quite a paradoxical one given that this is your first studio album in 18 years with the band reunited. Why that name?
    Well, it´s sort of......"a little joke". The last thing that "happens just before you die"....... (laughs) Let´s just hope we will live a couple of more years !! Even though we´re older, we´re not dead yet! (Laughs)

    How did it feel to be back in the studio?
    It was all just Great !! Everything worked out fine and we´re very satisfied with the result. We suggested Anders (Wikström) to be the producer since he always have been "the captain of the ship" and the main songwriter of the band. Patrick (Appelgren) has also done a great job with his keyboards and effects and songwriting! And all of us in the band play like our lifes depended on it, and like we had good sex....... well, not with each other of course (laughs) but Me for example, see my bass as if it would be A SHE, if you know what I mean!! (laughs)

    Regarding to your sound, I think you have stayed true to yourselves along the years. After five albums, and a long hiatus of 13 years, the great choruses and harmonies, the melodies, big guitars and keyboards still there. How would you say your music has evolved?
    It´s all like "stick to your guns" or "do what you do and do well". We all like what Treat has always stood for, so why would we change ?? The only difference is that it´s now 2010 and the sound and production is better. I also think this album has turned out to be so good because we don´t think too much and analyse everything like we did in the 80s.... You know, back then, everybody was "trying to be something".......wanted to do something like "this or that band". Today we´re older and don´t care very much about that. We just play !

    Back in the 80's when you started, what were your musical influences?
    I think the foundation was the classic bands such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbathy and Led Zeppelin. But of course Treat was influenced by some of the 80´s bands like Def Leppard for example. To be honest, speaking for myself, I never listened very much to hardrock of the eighties. The only exceptions for me was Def Leppard, The Cult and Billy Idol. I was, back then, still sticking to my 70s favourites.

    And what was the first album you bought?
    The first album I can´t quite remember, but the very first single I bought for myself was Rolling Stones "I can´t get no satisfaction". Later on I bought "Ballroom Blitz" by The Sweet. I had my ten year older brother who had alot of LPs, so I listened to his records.

    Swedish rock is well known worldwide and respected as one of the best of the world. As part of it, what do you have to say about it? Do you agree?
    Sweden have alot of bands with high quality, that´s true in my oppinion. We also have many good songwriters, producers etc. And if you got all of that together in ONE band........ it´s good ! That´s a Treat!! (Laughs)

    And what about new rock bands? Do you listen to any? Are you interested in the new paths rock music/metal is taken?
    I just Love, Strapping Young Lad and Devin Townsends solo-stuff. That´s raw !! Energy ! A perfect mixture of Total Control and at the same time sounding very primitive !! I also like Daughtry.

    Music industry has changed drastically since you started, being internet one of the main causes of this change. How do you approach such a tool as internet for musical or promotional purposes?
    Internet is today the main thing to use concerning everything I good and bad...... You can´t do anything about piracy and illegal downloading....... But to me it´s a good thing that live-performances seems to have become more popular, cause THAT, you can´t download...... well........ afterwards at YouTube of course... (laughs)

    What do you expect from the gigs you have scheduled so far?
    I really don´t know........ We´re just going out there to play and have fun, and I hope the audience will like it !

    And what can we expect from the show?
    We´re gonna show everybody how The Big Boys do it !! (Laughs)

    What are your plans for the near future?
    The European Tour starting on friday in Spain, then Italy, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. We´re also looking forward to the festivals we´re going to play at here in Sweden. August 7th is gonna be great cause then we´re playing together with EUROPE ! Ian Haugland is a very good friend of mine so I guess we´re gonna have a good time then!!

    Thank you very much for answering the questions. We are really looking forward to seeing you here in Spain.
    Thanks to You Too! We´re really looking forward seeing you too!!

    Tx: Bismilah!