The Inspector Cluzo: "We are 100% DIY and it is the best way to be FREE musically but in your mind too"

  • Spanish version.

  • First of all, thank you so much for attending us.
    You’ re welcome

    Congratulations on your second album. We have enjoyed it very much, it's very energetic and contagious. Where do you get all that energy from?
    Thanks for your comments-We know each others since 18 years now-We came from Les Landes in the South West of France in a town called Mont de Marsan , well known, for his famous rugby team , and his “Heart and SOUl spirit “- That came from this –We are son of farmers from les Landes, we are coming from big cities and we have kept our heart and soul spirit.

    We also have to mention the great work artist Chaos has made with the visuals of the CD, are you happy about it?
    No he sucks :) –We joke of course ,we Met Chris last year in a festival we did in Taiwan-After the show he was selling our tee shirts and cd’s , whithout we have to ask him to do so -He was so stocked by the show he saw that he would like”to thank us with his help”-We become friend-He proposed us to design our artwork –We sent him each song , without any lyrics, and to send us back what he feels-and that was exactly that on each song –We are on the same page , same vibe and it is amazing to see that someone at 10000 km from us feel the same thing at the same time-
    We are working right now with him on a cartoon video clip for the song “French Bastards” –That will be ready before teh Spain tour –Will be really fun.

    There are two versions of the track that names the album "The French Bastards", one of them by Angelo Moore. You also counted on Norwood Fisher in the song "Fuck the Bass Player", would you say that Fishbone is one of your influences?
    Yes definitely they are –We spent so many time with these guys –Angelo is a kind of Godfather of TIC..he helped us find the name of the band , teasing at our french accent when we were talking english –We did one song with him on last album , and on the new one and will be certainly one on the new one -

    What other musical influences do you have?
    Well we dig all soul funk scene, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye , but also all 70’s rock band like Led Zep, Frank Zappa(our live approach is really close from what he was doing ) ,The Who etc..but we also like 90’s band like RATM or Pearl Jam –Not dig music in 2000’s-it is too “fake”, to “fashion,” to” hype” and not really authentic –except of Muse which is an amazing live band –most of the 2000’s band don’t know how to play live –Their live are boring –talking about all UK pop bands ..really boring live –We especially hate all this fake french scene called “French touch “, and all this fake rock band like Justice ..beurk LOL We like authentic things-Whatever the style of music , we like AUTHENTICITY-

    How would you define your music?
    Still hard to talk about yourselves ...
    Will say it is a mix of 70’s rock and Soul funk influence ..playing at 2 wthout any bass.

    You have a long running story with the bass player and it seems that you have turned the need of a bass player into the virtue of not having one. That's brilliant!
    LOL-Well when we start the band 3 years ago saying we will play guitar and drum, but we won’t do” hype fashion white stripes blues rock garage band” but a kind of groove funk rock band , people say “it is impossible to do groove music whithout a bass “ ...Ok we will show you :)
    This kind of caricatural point of view are the thing we fight against and we work hard in order to avoid the bass and to fill the bass space, just with our 4 hands , and whithout any computer

    Coming back to your last album, you have a fine sense of humour when writing your songs. What does inspire you?
    Yes we do like humor –It is a good way not taking your self really too serious-We hate people, who thinks they are important people..unfortunately , in the consummer sociey world , a lot of people thinks they are important people..noone is superior to anyone –That is something we need to re say to anyone ..from China etc..and especillay to the english world who wants to sell everything in the world ...
    Humor is way to say serious things , politely and cleverly ...we like screwing ourselves , it is what we do like the most LOL.

    Does, for instance, Lilian Thuram know that you have dedicated him a song? Are you football lovers?
    Yes he knows-We met him and give him the cd..he was really surprised and said you know i am not Zidane LOL-His answer show how humble this guy is and explain by it self why we did this song –He is an example for everyone –The french citizen of 2000’s –He is sending a picture of France we like, mixed, clevered, empathic, rich of its diversity and humanity –
    We are trying to send this same message all around the world as well during our show

    Could we say that the track "Fuck Michael Jackson" is a declaration of love/hate about the star and his circumstance?
    Yes it is exactly that-It could have been called “Fuck Rock stars” ...We were looking for a star representative of what we meant ...and Jackson was perfect –It was when he had just died and everyone was saying “he was so amazing “ , forgotten what he did with children-He had talent and we were his first fans , but a talent don’t allow you to treat people like shit –This rock star system is a cruel consequence of consummier society –Everyone has a talent in his life ..writing, building house, cooking, whatever , but noone is treating others like shit ...Artist have to do the same –

    In the album you had the support of some brass instruments, how do you translate this into the live show just being the two of you?
    We have recorded some horns as some arrangement in order production was better and people enoy what they listen –We like to have 2 different approacj on cd and live.
    On cd we love doing arrangement in order could listen the cd severals times during one year or during years –We do not want to do like all garage duo etc.. recording really noisy –That is funny for ½ listens but after it is finished-So we make arrangement and horns, keyborad, cello, banjo, pedal steel etc..harmonica etc.. Live is really different –It is a unique relation created every noght with teh audience –So no need arrangement –that is more punk –and need to be direct in order to have and create thsi relation –We don’t need horns to create that
    In december , we will hit Transmusicales de Rennes, and that will be a special show with horns, organ hammond etc...-On some festivals next summer we will bring horns.

    You do very long tours. How is this one going so far? Any highlights?
    Well we are not a band belonging to any wave or fashion mouvement-and we don’t want to ¡!!We are doing our own music like we like it –We are managing our self doing everything , from bokingn, to recording –we are 100% DIY and it is the best way to be FREE musically but in your mind too ..
    We do need to tour deeply to visit all the countries we reached –We did 23 ...from Taiwan, South Korea or China, Australia and ALL europe at each release we need to do 150 gigs to inform our fans that our albums is released etc...
    Relaly important to be in direct with your audience –That is our politic -

    You will be touring France for the first time, are you excited about it?
    Well yes we are but it is a funny story –As you might know, there is not a lot of rock bands in France or some kiond of cute poppy rock band that radios called” ROCK ”, and they are no medias for rock we decided to go where we wil be called first-1st reaction was in Japan, then Australia, then we played there first ..then all europe ..all rock countries we will say ...
    So we end with france , because a buzz is increasing because of what we did and French audience is really rock, but french medias are not informing them so they cannot know.
    So yes this year we will pay France, more and more.

    What do you expect from the audience in your gigs? Lots of dancing?
    Yes but also liberate the humanity of everyone –Our show are mostly crazy , because people are doing things at the end of the show that they cannot imagine.
    Ou audience is from 15 to 55 years old ...and everyone si coming for the same thing –Dancing ,yelling, thinking ..People used to say they feel “Free” at our show –Then We are happy :)

    Well, we can't wait until November when you will be visiting our country and then we will enjoy The Inspector Cluzo Experience!
    We can ‘t wait too as we do love spain due to our proximity in our born twon Mont de Marsan.

    Tx: A.